Comprehensive Investment Services

Founded in 2007 at South Korea, by two top-notch technology entrepreneurs, Reynolds Venture Capital is a leading investment company, specializing in large-scale technology enterprises.

During its first years, the company focused in large-scale energy oriented projects in developing countries, mainly in Africa and South America. Over the last 7 years, the company's business focus shifted to investments in companies with cutting-edge technological solutions for the infrastructures field.

Among the company's comprehensive investment services are feasibility studies, market research, profitability analysis, portfolio management, technological consulting, business development, financial planning and legal consulting.

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Our Team

Two top-notch technology entrepreneurs founded Reynolds Venture Capital in 2007 at South Korea, with the mission to bring promising technology startups and hi-tech companies to substantial business success.

Reynolds Venture Capital has gathered over the years a group of world-leading professionals in the field of cutting-edge technological investments.

Among those professionals are financial advisors, market analysts, accountants, lawyers, investment professional, portfolio managers, technology professionals and capital raising consultants.

Our Clientele

Reynolds Venture Capital provides its comprehensive investment services and attractive investment opportunities to diversified clientele worldwide. Among our clients and investors are:
• Pension funds
• Investment funds
• Hedge Funds
• Private funds
• Family trusts
• Technological entrepreneurs
• Private investors
• MFOs


Reynolds Venture Capital provides its worldwide clientele with comprehensive investment services, mainly in the field of cutting-edge technological enterprises. Our main professional services include:

• Feasibility studies

• Market research

• Profitability analysis

• Capital raising consulting

• Portfolio management

• Technological consulting

• Business development

• Financial planning

• Accounting services

• Legal consulting

• Financial due diligence